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Overcoming an addiction is not easy – it takes courage and commitment. And, as many people have discovered, the rewards of going clean and staying sober are worth the effort. We provide a balanced approach for addiction treatment by utilizing Suboxone and individual counseling.

Starting treatment is an important first step toward overcoming drug use. If you follow the guidelines given by our physician, your treatment will be much more effective, and you will have a better chance of staying drug-free. The keys to successful treatment are based on medical research and the experiences of thousands of patients who successfully stopped using drugs during treatment and remained drug-free afterwards.

Our Addiction Specialist, Dr. C. Robert Harmuth, is specialty trained and Board Certified in Addiction Medicine. Dr. Harmuth has compassion and experience that has enabled him to help many patients become clean and experience life as it should be. Suboxone treatment as well as individual counseling have proven to be an important part of this highly successful program.

You will never regret taking that first step. Call us TODAY at (931) 728-5607.

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