Non-Opiate Pain Management

Non-Opiate Pain Management

We understand the appropriate concern for overuse of narcotic pain medications in the US. Furthermore, the notion that use of those medications can lead to misuse and abuse. Although that number (amount of prescription narcotics being prescribed) has dropped significantly over the last few years we continue to work hard to do our part in the fight against the opioid epidemic by bringing many non-narcotic medication options to our patients.

The options include non-narcotic medications, advanced interventional pain techniques such as intervertebral spacers for spinal stenosis, spinal cord stimulator therapy with minimally invasive implantation options, radio-frequency ablations of peripheral nerves, transforaminal epidurals, and so much more.

If you present to us stating you want to avoid all medications (narcotic and non-narcotic) and only pursue interventional and non-medication options, WE ARE THRILLED to pursue that course with you. 

A primary goal of ours is to allow you autonomy in your own care. In other words, we seek to educate you on the pain causing issue you have and then lay all the options out on the table for you. We then discuss those options with out to help develop the best plan of care as a team.

Please schedule an appointment today to learn about all the options to have to live a happier and more pain free life!

Jason Herndon MD Double Board Certified Anesthesiologist and American College of Graduate Medical Education trained and Board Certified Pain Management Specialist

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