Seeing a Pain Management Specialist - Is it right for me?

I often explain the specialized practice of pain management as being the same as if you were going to any other specialist for a specific condition. If you have heart problems, you see a cardiologist. If you have bad kidneys, you see a nephrologist. If you have chronic pain, you should see a board certified pain management specialist like myself.

Why do you need to see someone like me?

This field has been tainted by many non-specialist providers that don't have appropriate certification or only offer medication management for pain. I am not that kind of provider. I have a lot more to offer pain management patients than a more generalized provider may. Specifically, I have the knowledge and ability to offer more advanced options to patients than others can. These options allow me to give patients pain management options that limit oral medication use or even eliminate it. Contrary to some belief, seeing a pain management specialist like myself does not mean you will be put on oral medications. It just means you will get more options for improving your pain. However, not seeing someone me would be similar to seeing a general practitioner that can only give you oral medications for your heart condition when you may in fact do better with a pacemaker or other procedure. 

If you have any pain that has been present for over 12 weeks and want to have options for improving your pain, functionality, and quality of life - then have your primary provider send a referral to see me for an evaluation. We will focus on first finding the cause of your pain then creating a care plan the is individualized, effective, and safe. 

Jason Herndon MD Double Board Certified Anesthesiologist and American College of Graduate Medical Education trained and Board Certified Pain Management Specialist

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